Natural Hair Dye

Our range of natural hair dye products is blessed with all the colours of the spectrum, so you’re sure to find the ideal natural colour for you without any of the chemicals. In fact our chemical free natural hair dye products are so gentle, you can change your hair colour as often as you like. Been putting on Make-up incorrectly find out how to become an expert  Some of our natural hair dyes: ppd free […]

The best cosmetic treatments that you can get – surgery free!

The Cosmetic industry is forever growing. It is truly booming with a total of 14.4 million people who had cosmetic treatments in 2017 so far! Anti-ageing Botox treatments Botox or Vistabel/Botulinum Toxin consists of a muscle relaxant solution which is injected into the muscles under the skin. When lines and wrinkles on our skin develop, we have the result of an aged appearance, and some people even looking 10 years older than what they actually […]